Erin Hanley Fine Furniture

Erin Hanley is a maker of fine wooden jewelry boxes and furniture in Vermont. 

About Erin: My goal is to make furniture that is both handsome and functional. My work features handcut joinery, richly colored woods, and hand applied finishes. I am particularly interested in carving and surface ornamentation, and am influenced by all sorts of furniture, from minimalist, mid-century modern pieces, to Gothic and Renaissance styles.  My emphasis of late has been on making jewelry boxes, which are textured, colored, and etched in various ways, resulting in elegant and beautifully crafted objects.  

I graduated from the Cabinet and Furniture Program at the North Bennet Street School in Boston in 2007.  I sell my work primarily through galleries and private commissions.  I live and work in Burlington, Vermont.

Name Erin Hanley
Phone 802-598-6100
Address Erin Hanley Fine Furniture
4 Howard Street
Burlington, Vermont 05401