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Funding Opportunities

The Working Lands Enterprise Board (WLEB) is dedicated to supporting Vermont's forest and wood products sector. Through granting decisions and the work of the Forestry sub-committee, the WLEB is constantly working to support this important area of our working landscape.  

Program Overview to Date

-Funded 184 Agriculture and Forestry Projects
-Distributed Over $5.3 Million in Working Lands Funds
-Leveraged $8.6 Million in Matching Funds
-Impacted all 14 Vermont Counties

The Initiative also works with the Vermont Community Loan Fund (VCLF) and the Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA) to provide zero or low-interest loan programs to Working Lands entrepreneurs.

The VWWC maintains a presence on the Working Lands Enterprise Board, and the Board’s Forestry sub-committee, representing your interests at the table and helping to drive continued investment by the legislature. The most significant work of the Forestry sub-committee was leadership of the Forest Sector Systems Analysis undertaken by Yellow Wood Associates. Several recommendations were included in the final report that will help inform future direction and investment. To support and grow Vermont’s forest and wood products sector, three main strategies emerged:

  1. Increase demand for local wood
  2. Improve, create, and strengthen sub-sector value chains
  3. Increase public awareness of the forest sector and the ways landowners, Vermonters, and visitors to Vermont can both contribute and benefit.

2019 Working Lands Grant Opportunities
For the current fiscal year, the Working Lands Enterprise Board (WLEB) has decided to allocate additional funds for Industry Impact Grants, up to $150,000 each, for low grade wood or dairy projects that propose significant value chain improvements. The lower tier for Business Grants has now increased to $25,000 or less, vs. $20,000 or less, as in previous years.

Of the current $825,000 available for Working Lands investments, WLEB in this current fiscal year will aim to award grant funds in the following category ranges:
Business Grant Funding Total: $525,000-$575,000
Trade Show Assistance Grants: $20,000

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Some examples of funded projects include:

View all funded projects to date here.

Other Opportunities:

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Funding Opportunities
Vermont Arts Council Artist Grants
Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development Business Grants

Job & Employment Opportunities

If you are seeking employment in the Vermont woodworking industry or have a job to post for your company please email our office with the information to be posted below.
Current listings:
View woodworking jobs at Built by Newport, Newport, VT