Pete E. Michelinie, Museum Quality Furniture

It is my goal as an individual to create only that which will be cherished, admired and passed down for years beyond my own existence. This is why I hold high standards in my execution and attention to detail.

Every piece I make is first hand drafted to fully understand the details even before lumber has been cut. Throughout the building process all surfaces are hand planed to give a quality that looks and feels smooth and fair. I employ traditional joinery techniques such as mortise & tenon, miters, and dovetail variations. These methods have been tested over thousands of years and have proven themselves. I choose to cut joints mostly by hand because it allows for creative control and a proper fit. All of my work is finished by hand, whether with shellac, lacquer, oil or wax. Furniture is interactive and the finish plays an important part in the interaction with the hands and eyes.

Name Pete Michelinie
Phone 802-245-4765
Address Pete E. Michelinie, Museum Quality Furniture
PO Box 50
South Pomfret, Vermont 05067