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Absolutely … To continue the work that has begun there needs to be a strong mandate from forestry and wood products businesses that this work is important. The strength of the sector depends on each and every company being an active participant. It is the collective and unified voice of industry that drives initiatives. The size of our membership has a direct correlation to our ability to influence the media, government agencies, or politics, whether at the local, state, or national level. Your membership also affords you the opportunity to participate in determining the future direction of the organization and projects we will undertake on behalf of our members.

What Members Are Saying

“Being involved with the VWWC has been great for our business. The Meet Up events have been incredibly beneficial and have provided us with networking opportunities that have resulted in new business relationships with other Vermont woodworking companies. The VWWC also provides a unified voice to woodworking businesses on important issues we all face today. If you aren’t currently a member of the VWWC, I would strongly encourage you to join.”

- Jon Blatchford, JK Adams, Co.