Vermont Wood Facts

The value-added forest products industry is a substantial segment of Vermont's economic, cultural, historic, and natural environment. In a state that's 78% forested, is it any surprise that forest and wood products would play such an important role?

The story starts with the forest. In its infancy, the state was 90% forested but with the growth of agriculture we were reduced to just over 35% by 1900. Today, due to sustainable forest practices, the trend has reversed. There are 76,000 private landowners who own 82% of Vermont forests and 60% (2.8 million acres) is under active forest management. Vermonters are proud of this stewardship ethic.

There remain large and small sawmills in the state that produce the hardwood lumber used by many furniture makers and wood manufacturing companies. The goal is to sustainably source local whenever possible, a practice that supports the entire forest products industry from the primary tree growers to secondary producers.

Facts About the Industry:


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