The uniquely patented design provides exceptional protection for all sorts of products. The wood curls lock together to create buoyancy, while holding objects in suspension so that the product doesn't migrate. We have 30 years of proven product protection.

Sylvacurl is only made of one thing: wood, which is manufactured into curls. Sylvacurl is a simple, natural product that is safe for employees, customers, and safe for the Earth. It makes an honest statement in a time when global warming, carbon footprints, and solid waste issues are in the forefront nationally and globally. In a time when plastic is everywhere, using Sylvacurl is an innovative way to reduce plastic in packaging and lessen your impact on the environment.

Sylvacurl can be used for glass, foods, pottery, electronics, ceramics, cosmetics, nursery plants, seeds, jewelry, artwork, pots and pans . . . just about anything that you might normally want to ship from one location to another you can ship safely in Sylvacurl.

Whether you are looking for a cost effective shipping solution, a great presentation, outstanding protection for your products, or to invest in the environment, Sylvacurl has you covered. There are no sacrifices that have to be made when choosing Sylvacurl.

Name Jim Lovinsky
Phone (802) 323-7686
Address Sylvacurl
1000 Porter Brook Road
East Hardwick, VT 05836

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