Exquisite handwork and artistry come to life at ShackletonThomas, dedicated to traditionally handmade furniture and pottery. Nestled in a historic mill building, ShackletonThomas comprises the furniture workshops of the acclaimed Charles Shackleton and the pottery studio of the renowned Miranda Thomas. From the newly expanded showroom, peer into the windows of the workshop to see the pieces handcrafted and each detail come to life. Tour four floors of workshop space from lumber storage to upholstery and finishing. We take pride in the fact that each piece is uniquely made by one craftsperson, and expresses personality and passion. Accessories include bowls, lamps, breadboards, mirrors, picture frames, chairs, and stools. If you are searching for a special Vermont experience, ShackletonThomas is the ideal place to see how the raw materials around us transform into beautiful, elegant pieces for living.

Name Charles Shackleton
Phone (802) 672-5175
Fax (802) 672-5177
Address ShackletonThomas
102 Mill Road, The Bridgewater Mill
Bridgewater, VT 05034

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